Justice League: FATE

Episode 01

"The Disappearing Acts"

The Watchtower: Welcome to the League
Boston MA: keeping up relations
Police Station
Missing girls
Bastien- " This is below us," (FATE point) and storms out. (situation at ease)
People giving the stink eye.
Fight; I speak (spend FATE point) we escaped
Michelle Jones
Day in the city
Local grade school
Never married
Steve Killed in a gang shooting.
Locked doors night before, still locked (Phasing ruled out)
House key missing the next morning
No forced entry: like she never even existed
No psychic activity in area
1-2 reported kidnappings in cities other to Boston of kidnapped Girls. Both in NYC: 1 week from April.
Desk: Brochure from everything she visited on the day she visited: Science, History, Arboretum
We leave; Omni argues with Bastien over his tactics: “not being by the book” (FATE point)



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