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Shayera Hol was an undercover detective on her native planet of Thanagar. Several years ago, while pursuing some criminals who were trafficking forbidden technology, she was zapped by a dimensional transport beam. Her molecular structure was ripped apart and sent halfway across the galaxy. When she awoke, she found herself on an uncharted planet called Earth. Using her survival training, she adopted a human identity and learned to blend in with the native population.

Although Shayera hopes to return to Thanagar someday, she has developed a strong bond with the people of Earth. As Hawkgirl, she uses her Thanagarian powers to serve and protect her adopted home. Hawkgirl has the power of flight, lethal hand-to-hand combat skills, and the ability to communicate with birds.

As a trained detective, she has phenomenal powers of observation, deeply impressive to Batman. A great team player, the others consider Hawkgirl one of the guys, making it easy to forget that she comes from another world. Despite her pleasant and unassuming personality, she is a fierce combatant. She can strike with a sudden ferocity that is surprising to even her closest teammates.

Shayera has developed a close relationship with Green Lantern. Though couples who work together can rarely make their relationship work, they’ve decided to give it a try.

The events that occured in “Starcrossed”: Hawkgirl was revealed to be Lieutenant Shayera Hol, a Thanagarian soldier sent to Earth to study its defense systems, its technology, and its heroes. In a sense, she was a “spy”—something her teammates didn’t take too kindly to.

When Shayera’s fiancĂ© (“promised one”), Hro Talek, came to Earth in an attempt to stop the Gordanians from attacking their home planet, Thanagar, Shayera’s and John Stewart’s relationship fell apart. With all the things she hadn’t told him, and Hro Talek almost destroying Earth, they parted ways, but not without declaring their love for each other one last time.



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